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A website is a promotion and presentation your online business in a virtual form. Such a website earns money for the company by acquiring customers and contacts. Do you have a business without a website? You lose a lot of different things because of this amenities such as:

  • Increased credibility
  • Easier contact with customers
  • Significantly increased reception range
  • The best possible business card
  • 24/7 availability of information about the company
  • Getting customers' attention
  • Visible portfolio

Don't let these conveniences pass you or your company by!

E-commerce stores

This is an easier and future-proof form of sales, which is practiced more and more often by entrepreneurs around the world. There is no need to explain that it allows you to buy items or services with one click, without leaving home. The e-commerce market is constantly growing (drastically recently), so don't let your competition overtake you in business! Take your store online, because in 2021, over 60% of Poles bought online, which speaks for itself!
The online store we have created will allow you to:

  • Add products
  • Edit products
  • Remove products
  • Describe products
  • Give products a price
  • Determine discounts on given products
  • Catalog products (making them easier to find)

We use Woocommerce and PrestaShop technologies for this purpose

Web Apps

A program running in a web browser, connected to a server, saving data. It allows you to register new users, add entries, comment and rate. It can be an application like blog, forum, social networking site. Created to meet the individual needs of the client (examples: Netflix, Facebook).

 SEO optimization  Mobile (responsive) version of the website/store/application  Hitting the audience (targeting)  Process support and customer service manual  Analytics ( Google Analitycs )





Ads & Adsense


One of the marketing activities consisting in: appropriate construction of the website's source code or application to make it compatible with search engines websites. Depends heavily on indexing websites/applications by web robots.
Simply put: You want to pop up first when searching for a given phrase? Order positioning. We offer basic positioning for free when purchasing a website or online store!


This is one of the key issues when starting your own business. It has long been known that branded products (e.g. Nike, Apple, etc.) are desirable more than products without any emblem.
Branding is important, especially when advertising on the Internet. Logo visible next to your products it will be much more effective in encouraging the customer to buy your product or use the service you offer.
By using the service we provide, you will receive:

  • Company logo
  • Business cards
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Banners
  • Icons and graphics for software
  • Profile photos for your Social Media (Facebook | Instagram | YouTube)
  • Cover photos for your Social Media (also to choose from those given above)
  • Facebook and Instagram posts

Google Ads & AdSense

Advertise in paid campaigns on the most popular website on the internet - Google using Google Ads, or earn money by advertising to others on your website using Google AdSense.

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